Visa Information

Do I need a visa for Uruguay?

Each delegate/participant has to check the website of the National Migration Division of Uruguay ( whether a visa is required in view of the NATIONALITY and TYPE OF PASSPORT (common, diplomatic and official or service).

How do I obtain a visa?

In view of the above, delegates/participants that require a visa for Uruguay should submit their visa request well in advance; to the closest Consulate in their country of residence (the visa request can be submitted in any of the Uruguayan Consulates around the world).
At the below mentioned Ministry of Foreign Affairs site, it can be checked if there is a Uruguayan Consulate in your country of residence:
A personal invitation note should be presented at the time of submission of the visa request. Please click here: Request note
Moreover, a passport with expiration date of more than 6 months from the scheduled trip is required, along with a passport sized picture and the flight reservation.
An advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – General Division of Consular Affairs has been sent to the Uruguayan Consulates to extend assistance for issuing visas to confirmed participants in the event.

What to do if there is no Uruguayan Consulate in my country?

Taking into consideration that visas cannot be issued upon arrival, in case that a visa is required and there is no Uruguayan Consulate in your country of residence, a special procedure has been set up:

  • Once the participant is duly registered and his/her participation confirmed at the site, personal data: nationality, complete name (as shown in the passport) type and number of valid passport, along with a copy of the main pages of the latter, will be registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – General Division of Consular Affairs Request entry permit .
  • The above mentioned information will be sent to the National Migration Division with the purpose of issuing an entry permit. This permit will be sent to the participant before the trip along with an explanatory letter stamped and signed with the participant’s data in English. As there will be no visa in the passport, the participant must present the entry permit without visa and the explanatory letter at the check in counter for boarding the flight to Uruguay.
  • Deadline: due to administrative procedure, visa requests will not be accepted beyond 18th June 2016.